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African Jasmine leaves turn yellow

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African jasmine is easy to adapt to unfamiliar environments and can be planted in the courtyard or on the balcony. The branches of African jasmine are like emerald, the leaves are shiny, the flowers are slightly fragrant, and the flower shape is elegant, each with five petals, umbrella-shaped, clusteredAt the top of the flowering branches. The flowering period is very long. It blooms in winter and summer, and spring and summer are the most brilliant. In the morning or dusk, if there is no faint fragrance, refreshing. Many people have encountered the problem of yellow leaves. The general reasons are as follows:

1. If the old leaves turn yellow first, the new leaves will not be affected. If this is the case, it is a typical K deficiency symptom. K element can be transferred in the plant body. Use compound fertilizer or potassium nitrate and potassium dihydrogen phosphate as top dressing2 times, 10 days apart, the symptoms will be relieved in half a month.

2. Potted plants are required to have sufficient scattered light, or placed near the window, and should not be too dark, otherwise the leaves will turn green, yellow or fall off.

3. If the lower leaves of the potted plants turn yellow and fall off, it is likely to be due to water and rotten roots, so turn the pots and replace them in time.

4, African jasmine should stop fertilizing from October, and move the flowerpot into the indoor sunny place before frost. When you first enter the room, you should always open windows for ventilation, otherwise the leaves will turn yellow and fall off.

5. During the whole wintering period, the room temperature should be above 10℃. If it is below 10℃ for a long time, the leaves will fall off.

6. Maintain good ventilation and air humidity.

7. Soil permeability, which grows best on loose, fertile, well-drained loam.

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