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What to do if the banyan tree loses its leaves

2014-01-29 09:07 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: forest

At present, there are two main types of banyan trees raised by flower friends, one is ginseng banyan and the other is money banyan. Both can be called banyan trees. Some florists find that their banyan trees have fallen leaves and don’t know what to do.If you need to distinguish the situation after falling leaves, you cannot blindly follow the online method to rescue.

1. Leaves fall naturally

The banyan tree will naturally shed its leaves at the end of each autumn, and new leaves will be produced in the second year. During the deciduous period, watering should be reduced to avoid root rot during the winter.

2. Other human reasons

Many flower buddies are rushing to find the reasons, but I can’t see the flower buddies’ banyan trees, and I don’t know how the flower buddies maintain them, so I can’t tell the flower buddies "why did your banyan tree drop its leaves and how to solve it"Then flower friends need to investigate one by one according to the reasons I said below to find the cause of the problem.

1. Improper watering: watering the banyan tree must adhere to the principle of not drying or watering, and watering thoroughly. The dryness here refers to the dry surface of the pot soil, not the pot soil dry, of course, even if it is dry.It will cause great damage to the banyan tree in a short time, because the leaves of the banyan tree are thick and small, and have a certain degree of drought tolerance.

2. Improper fertilization: Fertilization of banyan trees needs to be carried out with thin fertilizer and frequent application. Avoid using high-concentration chemical fertilizers or unfermented organic fertilizers, otherwise it will cause fertilizer damage, the lighter will fall leaves, and the severer will die.

3. Insufficient light: Banyan trees grow well in an environment with sufficient light. In summer, if the temperature is 30-50%, the leaves will be more green, but it is best not to shade them when the temperature is lower than 32℃ to avoid leaves falling off.

4. Insect pests: the main pests caused by banyan trees to fall leaves are red spiders and scale insects. Although there are also "thrips" hazards, the insects only roll leaves to suck juice, which is less harmful than the above two types.It is also easy to control, only the rolled leaves can be removed and destroyed. The red spiders are relatively small, and the general damage is the back of the leaves, which is caused by poor ventilation and dry air. The whole plant can be washed with large water and sprayed.Special mites killer agents are sufficient, such as Mijing, Kemite, etc. The damaged parts of scale insects are mostly stems, petioles, etc., with different sizes and colors. They are round or oval in shape, and generally do not move, butIt is more harmful and requires timely prevention and control. It can be wiped off with a toothbrush or wiped clean with a rag. It can also be sprayed with a 0.2% solution of washing powder and Fengyoujing, or sprayed with trimethoprim and other pesticides for prevention and control. The effect is good.

5. If "Dichlorvos" is sprayed in the growing environment of the banyan tree, the leaves will fall off. In particular, the banyan tree is very sensitive to dichlorvos.

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